Navicula transitans Cleve var. derasa Grunow f. delicatula Heimdal 1970

A = Cells on Chaetoceros diadema (A-D = BF, E = PC). All living cells.


Life-form: Solitary

Size: Apical axis = 32-49 µm, transapical axis =7-9 µm

Resting spore: -

Note: There are several similar taxa see Heimdal (1970)

Distinctive features: The size and the poorly developed intercostal membranes around the raphe.

Similar species:

Distribution: Coastal waters of Iceland and Norway, Gullmarsfjorden (common during the springbloom)

Heimdal, B. R. 1970. Morphology and distribution of two Navicula species in Norwegian Coastal waters. Nytt Magasin for botanikk. 17: 65-75.

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