Solar UV-radiation monitoring 1996

Type: Report
Series: RMK 74
Author: Josefsson, Weine


Measurements of solar UV-radiation in a small Swedish network are presented for 1996. This report can be regarded as a supplement to a previous report, Josefsson (1996) where the results of the previous five years were reported, and where details not presented in this small report can be found. The quantity and unit of the UV-radiation int this presentation is CIE-weighted irradiance expressed as MED (minimum erythemal dose) where one MED equals 210 Jm-2. The values have been recoumputed to refer to the international intercomparison of broad-band meters at Helsinki in 1995. In the following referred to as the WMO-STUK 1995 scale.

Although, the stratopheric ozone was severely deplated during the early parts of 1996, the yearly UV radiation recorded was slightly less than in previous years.This was mainly due to the very cloudy months of May, June and July.

By combining the UV-record with concurrent records of the total ozone a small study of the anticorrelation of these two atmospheric parameters is illustrated. There are many sources of error and detailed studies are prevented by the large uncertainity connected with these data of UV-radiance. Due to the short period of the record and low accurancy no attempt to study trends is done.