Cruise report from R/V Argos week 49-50, 2009

Type: Report
Author: Bengt Yhlen


Surface nutrient concentrations above the halocline in the Kattegat were low, due to an ongoing bloom. Enhanced surface phosphate concentrations were recorded in most parts of the Baltic Proper. An inflow through the Sound, calculated to 35 km3, occurred from November 15th to December 1st, giving bottom oxygen concentrations in the Arkona Basin above 6 ml/l, and above 3 ml/l in the Hanö Bight and in the western part of the Bornholm Basin. Oxygen concentrations below 2 ml/l were observed at depths exceeding 60 to 70 metres in the remainder of the Baltic. Hydrogen sulphide was found in the Western Gotland Basin from 80 to 90 metres and below, in the northern Gotland Basin from 100 to 125 metres and in the eastern Gotland Basin from about 125 metres and below.