Cruise report from R/V Argos week 36-38, 2004

Type: Report
Author: Bengt Yhlen


In the Skagerrak 11 stations with complete hydrography were taken. In the Kattegatt mapping of oxygen conditions in bottom water was performed, 12 stations with complete hydrography and 11 with oxygen and salinity near bottom were sampled. The lowest oxygen concentration measured in the bottom water of the Skagerrak was 4.2 ml/l at P2 in the south-eastern part, corresponding to a degree of saturation of 70%. The oxygen values of the open Kattegatt were not alarmingly low. The lowest value detected was 2.70 ml/l outside Laholmsbukten. Concentrations below 2 ml/l we e detected in Skälderviken, 0.75ml/l, and l in the Sound, 1.27 m/, corresponding to 10% and 20% respectively.