Algae report number 5, 2013

Type: Report
Author: Malin Mohlin, Marie Johansen


Low cell numbers were found at all stations from the Skagerrak-Kattegat area. The species diversity was low especially in the samples from the Kattegat area. Small flagellates of different sorts were the most common. The samples were very similar, the phytoplankton diversity was very low. The cell counts were also quite low. The phytoplankton community was dominated by many cryptomonads. The chlorophyll a concentrations were low but within average. The stations in the Baltic Sea were in general dominated by dinoflagellates, ciliates, Prymnesiales and small flagellates. The areas east and south of Gotland were dominated by Dinophysis acuminata. The cell density was the highest at BY5, Bornholm Deep, very close to a bloom situation and very low at all other stations, this was also reflected in the chlorofyll a concentrations. The chlorophyll fluorescence results from the ctd is missing because of changes in the files that are not supported by the present script. The problem will be solved as soon as possible.