Algae report number 11, 2013

Type: Report
Author: Ann-Turi Skjevik


This report presents the results from two November cruises. The Baltic Proper was visited in the beginning of the month, and the Skagerrak, the Kattegat and Southwestern Baltic areas in the end. The number of species and cell numbers were low in the Skagerrak area. In the Kattegat the species diversity was rather high although the cell numbers were low. A genus harmful for fish, Pseudochattonella, was observed at the Skagerrak station Släggö and the Kattegat station Anholt E. A sample from a chlorophyll fluorescence maximum at 5 meters depth at Anholt E was dominated by Ceratium lineatum, Pseudo-nitzschia spp and Dictyocha speculum. The integrated chlorophyll a concentrations were approximately at average at all stations. The diatom genus Coscinodiscus was common in the Baltic samples. Small flagellated species and pico cyanobacteria colonies dominated at the Baltic stations. The potentially harmful species cf. Prymnesium polylepis was observed at BY2, REF M1V1 and at BY29. The chlorophyll a concentrations were somewhat high in the Southern Baltic, at stations BY5 and REF M1V1 the integrated concentrations were above average for this month. No further detailed information will be presented in this report, only a species list and chlorophyll diagrams.