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You may receive data from ODBC providing :

  • Your complete identification form has been communicated by one BALTEX SSG member and has been registered at both the BALTEX Secretariat and at ODCB,
  • Your data request has been sent to the ODCB, 
  • A BALTEX Data License Agreement has been signed by both you and the ODCB.

Copies of the BALTEX Data User Identification Form may be found here. 

To order data from the Oceanographic Data Centre for BALTEX, you may send a request by e-mail to the ODCB with the subject "BALTEX Request". Specify what station(s) or region(s) are of interest, as well as the time period and parameters. When placing a request by e-mail we will contact you to discuss details regarding costs/availability/restrictions.

You may also send a letter with your request to:

Philip Axe
SMHI Oceanographic Unit
Nya Varvet 31,
SE-426 71 Västra Frölunda

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Updated: 2007-12-21