Nephroselmis pyriformis (N. Carter) Ettl 1982

A living cell (BF)

Synonym(s): Bipedinomonas pyriformis N. Carter 1937

Life-form: Solitary

Size: Length 4-7.5 µm, width 5-6 µm, thickness 2-2.5 µm

Resting spore:


Distinctive features: Shape of cell and morphology of the scales (TEM)

Similar species: Nephroselmis rotunda

Distribution: Worldwide

Moestrup, Ø. 1983. Further studies on Nephroselmis and its allies (Prasinophyceae). I. The question of the genus Bipedimonas. Nord. J. Bot. 3: 609-627.

Moestrup, Ø. 1992. Prasinophyceae og andre grønne flagellater (in danish). In: Thomsen, H. A. (ed.) Plankton i de indre danske farvande. Havforskning fra Miljøstyrelsen, Copenhagen, p. 267-310.

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