Leucocryptos marina (Braarud) Butcher 1967

A = A living cell; B = Cell in Lugol (arrows=extrusomes); C = Cell with flagella (A=BF, B=DIC, C=SEM)

Synonym(s): Bodo marina Braarud 1935

Life-form: Solitary

Size: length 7-30 µm, width 3-10 µm

Resting spore:

Note: Feeds on nanoplankton (Vørs 1992c)

Distinctive features: Rigid cell with asymetrical droplet shape. Two rows of large extrusomes. Two approximately equal flagella. Swiming-pattern

Similar species:

Distribution: Widely

Vørs, N. 1992a. Heterotrofe protister (ekskl. dinoflagellater, loricabærende choanoflagellater og ciliater). In: Thomsen, H. A. (ed.) Plankton i de indre danske farvande. Havforskning fra Miljøstyrelsen, Copenhagen, p. 195-250.

Vørs, N. 1992b. Heterotrophic amoebae, flagellates and heliozoa from the Tvärminne area, Gulf of Finland, in 1988-1990. Ophelia. 36: 1-109.

Vørs, N. 1992c. Ultrastructure and autecology of the marine, heterotrophic flagellate Leucocryptos marina (Braarud) Butcher 1967 (Katablephariaceae/Kathablepharidae), with a discussion of the genera Leucocryptos and Katablepharis/Kathablepharis. Europ. J. Protistol. 28: 369-389.

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