Eutreptiella braarudii Throndsen 1969

A&B = Cells (arrows=paramylon centers); C = Anterior end viewed at different focal planes (arrowhead=stigma). (BF)


Life-form: Solitary

Size: Length 64-115 µm

Resting spore:


Distinctive features: Cell with two or four flagella, pellicula with broad stripes, chloroplasts radiating from two paramylon centers. This species is often very common in early spring in the Skagerrak

Similar species:

Distribution: Arctic, North Atlantic, Skagerrak

Throndsen, J. 1969. Flagellates of Norwegian coastal waters. Nytt Mag. Bot. 16: 161-216.

Throndsen, J. 1993. The planktonic marine flagellates. In: Tomas, C. R. (ed.) Marine Phytoplankton: a guide to naked flagellates and coccolithophorids. Academic Press, San Diego, p. 7-145.

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