Coronosphaera mediterranea (Lohmann) Gaarder 1977

Cell at different focal planes (BF) (arrow = stomatal coccolith)

Synonym(s): Syracosphaera mediterranea Lohmann 1902

Life-form: Solitary with two flagella

Size: Length 13-24 µm; width 13-16µm

Resting spore: -


Distinctive features: Ordinary coccoliths with solid central field

Similar species: C. binodata C. maxima

Distribution: Cosmopolitan

Gaarder, K. & Heimdal, B. 1977. A revision of the genus Syracosphaera Lohmann (Coccolithineae). "Meteor" Forsch.-Ergebnisse. 24: 54-71.

Hallegraeff, G. M. 1984. Coccolithophorids (calcareous nanoplankton) from Australian waters. Bot. Mar. 27: 229-247.

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