Chattonella sp.

A = Living cells (DIC); B = A living cell with one flagellum (=arrowhead) (PC); C = Cells in lugol (DIC)

Flagellate associated with Chattonella sp.


Life-form: Solitary flagellate

Size: length 8-50 µm

Resting spore:

Note: It was common in May 1998 with a maximum of c. 10 million cells per litre (Edler & Hernroth 1999)

Distinctive features:

Similar species:


Edler, L. & Hernroth, B. 1999. Planktonåret 1998. In: HAVSMILJÖN, aktuell rapport om miljötillståndet i Kattegatt, Skagerrak och Öresund, juni 1999, ISSN 1104-3458. In SWEDISH, 23 pp.

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