Scrippsiella trifida Lewis 1991

Cysts. (DIC)


Life-form: Solitary

Size: Cyst size length 27-46 µm, width 21-36 µm.

Resting spore: +

Note: The thecate cell resemble the thecate cell of S. trochoidea (Lewis 1991)

Distinctive features: Oval cyst with a central red body and with trifurcate recurving calcareous spines

Similar species:

Distribution: Scotland, North Sea, Gullmarsfjorden

Lewis, J. 1991. Cyst-theca relationships in Scrippsiella ( Dinophyceae) and related orthoperidinoid genera. Botanica Marina. 34: 91-106.

Nehring, S. 1994. Scripsiella spp. resting cysts from the German Bight (North Sea): a tool for more complete check-lists of dinoflagellates. Neth. J. Sea Res. 33: 57-63.

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