Pheopolykrikos beauchampii Chatton 1933

Living specimen with four zooids and four nuclei (=B) (BF)

Synonym(s): Polykrikos beauchampii (Chatton) Dodge 1982

Life-form: Colony

Size: Length 100-120 µm, width 60-75 µm.

Resting spore:

Note: Occasionally in plankton (Gullmarsfjorden)

Distinctive features: With four zooids, four nuclei and many chloroplasts

Similar species:


Chatton, E. 1933. Pheopolykrikos beauchampi nov. gen. nov. sp. Dinoflagelle polydinide autotrophe dans l'etang de Thau. Bull. Soc. zool. Fr. 58: 251-254.

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