Fragilidium subglobosum (von Stosch) Loeblich

A = Vegative cells with loose theca and with food vacuoles; B = Division cyst; C = APC; D = 1''-plate with pore. All (DIC)

Synonym(s): Helgolandinium subglobosum von Stosch 1969

Life-form: Solitary

Size: Diameter=35-45 µm, division cyst =22-56(70?) µm.

Resting spore: +

Note: It has been shown to be a facultative mixotroph and able to engulf Ceratium spp (Skovgaard 1996a,b). F. subglobosum was common in Gullmarsfjorden during summer.

Distinctive features: 1''-plate

Similar species: Fragilidium mexicanum


Skovgaard, A. 1996a. Engulfment ofCeratium spp. (Dinophyceae) by the thecate photosynthetic dinoflagellate Fragilidium subglobosum. Phycologia. 35: 490-499.

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von Stosch, H. 1969. Dinoflagellaten aus der Nordsee II. Helgolandinium subglobosum gen. et spec. nov. Helgoländer Wiss. Meeresunters. 19: 569-577.

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