Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax (Biecheler) Horiguchi ex Kita et Fukuyo 1992

A = A living cell; B&C = 1'-plate(with pore) and 6''-plate; D =Part of girdle with a characteristic notch (=arrow) and pore of 1' (=arrowhead); E = Nucleus. (A,B,D,E=DIC, C=PC)

Synonym(s): Goniodoma pseudogoniaulax Biecheler 1952

Life-form: Solitary

Size: Diameter = 40-60 µm.

Resting spore: +

Note: Toxic (Steidinger & Tangen 1996)

Distinctive features: Characteristically displaced 1', sa and sp

Similar species: A. satoanum

Distribution: East Atlantic, Italy, Japan

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