Alexandrium angustitabulatum F. J. R. Taylor in Balech 1995

Arrowhead=6'' plate, arrow=1' plate (DIC)


Life-form: Solitary

Size: Length 17,5-24 µm.

Resting spore:

Note: Toxic (Balech 1995)

Distinctive features: 1' lacking a ventral pore. The shape of 1', 6'', APC and sulcal plates

Similar species: A. minutum

Distribution: New Zealand, Gullmarsfjorden

Balech, E. 1995. The genus Alexandrium Halim (Dinoflagellata). Sherkin Island Marine Station, Sherkin Island, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Steidinger, K. A. & Tangen, K. 1996. Dinoflagellates. In: Tomas, C. R. (ed.) Identifying marine diatoms and dinoflagellates. Academic Press, Inc., San Diego, p. 387-584.

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