Extubocellulus spinifer (Hargraves et Guillard) Hasle, von Stosch et Syvertsen 1983

Cells and frustules in culture (DIC) and two frustules (arrowhead=ocellulus) (SEM)

Synonym(s): Bellerochea spinifera Hargraves et Guillard 1974

Life-form: Solitary or in short chains

Size: Diameter = 2,5 µm, Pervalvar axis 3-10 µm

Resting spore:

Note: Isolated from a raw culture from Gullmarsfjorden

Distinctive features:

Similar species: Extubocellulus cribriger

Distribution: Widely

Hasle, G., von Stosch, H.A. & Syvertsen. E. 1983b. Cymatosiraceae, a new diatom family. Bacillaria. 6: 9-156.

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