Cyclotella choctawhatcheeana Prasad 1990

Valve (DIC)

Inside view of valve (SEM)

Synonym(s): Cyclotella hakanssoniae Wendker 1991

Life-form: Solitary

Size: Diameter = 4-9,5 µm

Resting spore:

Note: It has been confused with C. caspia in the past (Håkansson et al. 1993). Found in the inner part of Gullmarsfjorden and Idefjorden.

Distinctive features:

Similar species: Cyclotella atomus


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Håkansson, H., Hajdu, S., Snoeijs, P. & Loginova, L. 1993. Cyclotella hakanssoniae Wendker and its relationships to C. caspia Grunow and other similar brackish water Cyclotella species. Diatom Research. 8: 333-347.

Prasad, A. K. S. K., Nienow, J.A. & Livingston, R.J. 1990. The genus Cyclotella (Bacillariophyta) in Choctawhatchee Bay, Florida, with special reference to C. striata and C. choctawhatcheeana sp. nov. Phycologia. 29: 418-436.

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