Attheya longicornis Crawford et Gardner 1994

A-C = Cells on Skeletonema costatum (A,B,D = BF, C = PC) (arrow in C = base of horn parallel to pervalvar axis); D = Four cells (arrow = tightly coiled horns). A and B in Lugol, C and D living cells.


Life-form: Epiphytic on Chaetoceros, Skeletonema and others

Size: Apical axis = 4-12 µm, transapical axis = 2-3 µm

Resting spore: -

Note: This species has been confused with Attheya septentrionalis (Østrup) Crawford in the past

Distinctive features: Thin long horns initially parallel to the pervalvar axis and projecting up to 10 times the cell length

Similar species: Attheya septentrionalis

Distribution: Northern Atlantic

Crawford, R. M., Gardner, C. & Medlin, L. K. 1994. The genus Attheya. 1. A description of four new taxa, and a transfer of Gonioceros septentrionalis and G. armatas. Diatom Research. 9: 27-51.

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