Sea Ice

Archived charts and reports

The archive is under construction and we are continuously adding ice charts and reports.

Charts (pdf)

Ice chart, black and white
(daily during winter season from 2003):

Ice chart, color coded
(daily during winter season from 2003):

Ice- and sea surface temperature chart
(twice weekly during winter season from 1979-2017):

Sea surface temperature charts
(twice weekly during summer season from 2004-2017):

Reports (pdf)
(Daily during winter season from 2007):

Swedish ice report:

Baltic sea ice code:

Traffic restrictions to Swedish and Finnish ports:

Maximum ice extent

Maximum ice extent is frequently used to compare the severety of different years and is an important parameter in climate studies. Here, charts of the maximum ice extent is available for each year from 1980 to today.

Maximum ice extent charts (pdf):

Diagram of maximum ice extent (1957 onwards)

A summary of the ice season

A publication describing the ice season and icebreaking activities, produced in cooperation with the icebreaking management at the Swedish Maritime Administration.

Season (pdf):