SLCP: Dokument och länkar


Rapport från CCAC högnivåmöte i New York den 22 september 2014.pdf (275 kB, pdf)

CCAC Briefing (331 kB, pdf)

SAP 2013 Annual Science Update (Executive Summary) (205 kB, pdf)

CCAC - Scientific advisory panel briefing - SLCP in AR5 - WG I - Apr 2014 (482 kB, pdf)

CCAC Annual Initiative Progress Report 2012-2013 (1,2 MB, pdf)

Video Outlaws in Air City

Status of black carbon monitoring in ambient air in Europe (EEA Dec 2013)

CCAC High Level Assembly Communique (281 kB, pdf)

CCAC Press release 3 September 2013 (39 kB, pdf)

Bounding the role of black carbon in the climate system: A scientific assessment, JGR 2013

Svarta sotpartiklar ett ljus i klimatmörkret, Miljöforskning 2013

Sotpartiklar (BC) beräknas bidra mest till den globala uppvärmningen efter koldioxid, Nature 2013

Primer on Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, (IGSD) 2012.

Science to policy: Reducing short-lived greenhouse gases. IIASA artikel om CCAC 2012

Report to Congress on Black Carbon, US EPA 2012

Reducing Black Carbon Emissions in South Asia: Low Cost Opportunities, US EPA 2012

Health effects of black carbon, WHO 2012

Brick Kilns Performance Assessment: A Roadmap for Cleaner Brick Production in India

Black-carbon reduction of snow albedo: Nature Climate Change

The greenhouse-gas gang: Nature Climate Change

Short-lived climate forcers from current shipping and petroleum activities in the Arctic

Pollutants key to climate fix: Nature, News and Comment

Simultaneously Mitigating Near-Term Climate Change and Improving Human Health and Food Security