Download scenario data

The results from SMHI’s climate research at the Rossby Centre can be downloaded here. The climate projections cover different geographical areas, scenarios, time periods and climate indices.

Climate models at the global and regional scale have been used within two large, internationally coordinated projects: CMIP5 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5) and CORDEX (Coordinated Regional climate Downscaling Experiment). Within CMIP5, a number of global climate models have been used and the results compared. These results have then been used within CORDEX to drive different regional climate models.

Model data

Model data from SMHI and other institutes can be downloaded from ESGF datanodes (Earth System Grid Federation).

Regional data

The form below can be used to obtain processed, regional data in Excel format. Historical data is based on observations made since 1961. The scenario data is based on an ensemble of several climate scenarios; read more here.

Area Scenarioinfoimg Seasoninfoimg Climate indexinfoimg
 River basin
 RCP 2.6 (low)
 RCP 4.5 (medium)
 RCP 8.5 (high)
 SRES A1B (medium, older)

Download the estimated change in annual mean temperature in Sweden for the RCP 8.5 (high) scenario in Excel format.

Historical data since 1961
Scenario data 1961-2100

Data for impact studies

A SMHI downscaling project has produced a database with meteorological and hydrological statistics for the present and future climate. The database is based on the regional data above, but the data have been post-processed in order to make hydrological impact studies possible.
SCID database, information and download.