Vetenskapliga artiklar 1994

Förteckning vetenskapliga artiklar publicerade under 1994.

Alexandersson, H. (1994)
Some comments on recent climate fluctuations - from a Swedish horizon.
In Climate variations in Europe. Publications of the Academy of Finland 3/94, 293-305.
Alexandersson, H. (1994)

Climate series - a question of homogeneity.
The 19th Nordic Meteorological Meeting, Kristiansand, Norway, 6-10 June 1994. Preprint volume available from DNMI, 25-31.

Andersson, T. (1994)
A technique for detection and suppression of grund clutter with a semi-coherent doppler weather radar.
COST 75/WD/59/B, 16 p.

Andersson, T. (1994)
Review of the performance achieved with current single doppler radar wind measurements.
EUCO - COST 75/4/94, 15 p.

Andersson, T. (1994)
VAD winds at 850 and 700 Pha compared to forecasted winds from the HIRLAM.
COST 75/WD/60/B, 4 p.

Andersson, T., & Bandalo, S. (1994)
VAD winds, their accuracy and use.
EUCI - COST 75/5/94, 19 p.

Andersson, T., Bandalo, S., Elomaa, E., Hovberg, T., & Valkovouri, P. (1994)
A present weather sensor field test and intercomparison.
Presented at the WMO Technical Conference on Instruments and Methods of Observation, Geneva, 1994.

Andersson, T., & Gustafsson, N. (1994)
Coast of departure and coast of arrival: two important concepts for the formation and structure of convective snowbands over lakes and seas.
Monthly Weather Review, Vol. 122, No. 6, June 1994, 1036-1049.

Andersson, T., Hammar, K., & Nylund, A. (1994)
Applications of weather radar for nowcasting.
COST 75/WD/58, 7 p.

Andersson, T. (1994)
Tests of a method for recovering winds from a single doppler weather radar. COST 75 International Seminar on Advanced Weather Radar Systems, 20-23 September, 1994, Brussells. 12 p.

Arheimer, B., & Wittgren, H.B. (1994)
Modelling the effects of wetlands on regional nitrogen transport.
Ambio, 23:378-386.

Bergström, S. (1994)
Flood simulation and forecasting in Sweden - Experiences and future outlooks.
Contribution to: Hydrologie-Tagung "Hydrologische Vorhersagen - Herausforderungen, Möglichkeiten, Grenzen", Zürich, March, 1994.

Bergström, S. (1994)
Naturliga variationer och betydelsen av extremhändelser.
Föredrag på Klimat-delegationens seminarium om växthuseffekten, Stockholm,
2 juni 1994.

Bergström, S. (1994)
Det fantastiska vattnet.
Bidrag till: Sol vind och vatten - människan och vädret.
Norstedts Förlag AB, Volymförlaget AB.

Bergström, S. (1994)
Streamflow variability and potential for regulation in small watersheds.
Proceedings, Scandinavian Ass. of Agricultural Scientists,
Seminar No. 247. October 18-20, Uppsala.

Bergström, S. (1994)
A Baltic perspective.
Contribution to the WMO workshop on Assessing the Aquatic Environment,
Stockholm August 8-14, 1994.

Bergström, S., & Amrén, A. (1994)
Översvämningar och fysisk planering.
Stadsbyggnad 1, 1994.

Bergström, S., & Carlsson, B. (1994)
River runoff to the Baltic Sea: 1950-1990.
Ambio, Vol. XXIII, No. 4-5.

Bergström, S., & Omstedt, A.. eds. (1994)
BALTEX - Swedish research potential.
Prepared by the Swedish IGBP-WCRP Subcommittee for BALTEX.

Brandt, M., & Bergström, S. (1994)
Integration of field data into operational snowmelt-runoff models.
Nordic Hydrology, Vol. 25, No. 1/2.

Brandt, M., Jutman, T., & Alexandersson, H. (1994)
Sveriges Vattenbalans. Årsmedelvärden 1961–1990 av nederbörd, avdunstning och avrinning.
SMHI Hydrologi nr 49, 14 s.

Carlström, A., Ulander, L., & Håkansson B, (1994)
Model for estimating surface roughness of level and ridged sea ice using ERS-1 SAR.
In: Proceedings of IGARS, 1994, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Funkquist, L. (1994)
Oceanographic models for meteorologists (in Swedish)
Proceedings Nordic Meteorological Conference, Kristiansand, Norway.

Gardelin, M., & Lindström, G. (1994)
Brandriskprognoser med hjälp av en hydrologisk modell - en förstudie.
FoU Rapport P21-091/94. Statens Räddningsverk, Karlstad.

Gardelin, M., Lindström, G., Persson, M., & Bergström, S. (1994)
Conceptual modelling of evapo-transpiration for simulations of climate change effects.
Contribution to the Nordic Hydrological Conference in Torshavn, 1994, NHP-Report No. 34, 425-434.

Gustafsson, N., & Salmond, D. (1994)
A parallel spectral HIRLAM with the data parallel programming model and with message passing - a comparison
In "Coming of Age" Proceedings from the Sixth ECMWF Workshop on Use of Parallel Processors in Meteorology, ECMWF, Reading U.K., 21-25 November 1994. World Scientific Publishing Co., 32-48.

Håkansson, B. (1994)
Real-time use of ERS-1 SAR imagery for sea ice operations in the Baltic.
Nordisk Romvirksomhet, Nordic Space Activities, No 5/94.

Håkansson, B., & Moberg, M. (1994)
The algal bloom in the Baltic during July and August 1991, as observed from the NOAA weather satellites.
Int. J. Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, No. 5, 963-965.

Håkansson, B., Alenius, P., & Brydsten, L. (1994)
Fysisk miljö i Bottniska Viken.
I: Bottniska Viken 1991. Sammanfattning av forskningsresultat, Umeå,
15-17 mars 1994, Kommittén för Bottniska Viken, 17 s.

Håkansson, B., Moberg, M., Thompson, T., & Backman, A. (1994)
Evaluation of real-time use of ERS-1 SAR imagery for icebreaking operations in the Baltic.
Proceedings of the 1st ESA ERS-1 Pilot Project Workshop,
Toledo, Spain, 22-24 June, 1994.

Håkansson, B., Moberg, M., Thompson, T., & Gustavsson, A. (1994)
Real-Time Use of ERS-1 SAR Imagery for Ice Service and Icebreaking Operations.
In: Baltic Experiment For ERS-1 (BEERS), Ed. Lars M. H. Ulander,
Research Report No. 51, p 25–34, Winter Navigation Research Board, 1994.

Håkansson, B., Alenius, P., & Brydsten, L. (1994)
The Physical Environment of the Gulf of Bothnia.
VATTEN 50:187–200, Lund 1994.
Iritz, L., Johansson, B., & Lundin, L. (1994)
Impacts of forest drainage on floods.
Hydrological Sciences Journal, Vol. 39, No. 6, 637–659.

Johansson, B. (1994)
The relationship between catchment characteristics and the parameters of a conceptual runoff model. A study in the south of Sweden.
2nd Int. Conf. on FRIEND, Braunschweig 11-15 Oct., 1993.
IAHS Publication No. 221.

Johansson, B. (1994)
The use of spatially distributed input data in the HBV model.
Nordic Hydrological Conference, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, 2-4 August, 1994.
NHP Report No. 34, 147-156.

Johansson, B., & Seuna, P. (1994)
Modelling the effects of wetland drainage on high flows.
Aqua Fennica, Vol. 24, No. 1, 59-67.

Johansson, E. (1994)
Nitrogen modelling with IHMS-N in the Ljusnan river basin - programming and application.
Master thesis 1994:119E, Luleå University of Technology, 52 p.

Johansson, Å., Barnston, A., Saha, S., & van den Dool, H. (1994)
Technical description of a methodology for seasonal forecasting based on the Canonical Correlation Analysis technique. Internal SMHI Report, 23 p.

Josefsson, W. (1994)
Measurement of total ozone 1993.
PMK-rapport, SNV, Solna, 91-620-4093-6, 1992/10.

Josefsson, W., Koskela, T., Dahlback, A., & Eriksen, P. (1994)
Spectral Sky Measurements.
In: The Nordic Intercomparison of Ultraviolet and Total Ozone Instruments at Izaña from 24 October to 5 November 1993. Final Report,
Ed. T Koskela, Meteorological Publications, No. 27, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, 73-80.

Karlsson, K.-G. (1994)
Satellite-estimated cloudiness from NOAA AVHRR data in the Nordic area during 1993.
SMHI, Report RMK No. 66, 51 p.

Laurin, S., & Alexandersson, H. (1994)
Några huvuddrag i det svenska temperaturklimatet 1961-1990.
SMHI, Meteorologi nr 85.

Lindström, G., Gardelin, M., & Persson, M. (1994)
Conceptual modelling of evapotranspiration for simulations of climate change effects.
SMHI RH No. 10, September 1994.

Lindström, G., Gardelin, M., Persson, M., & Bergström, S. (1994)
Conceptual modelling of evapotranspiration for simulations of climate change effects.
Contribution to the XVIII Nordic Hydrological Conference,
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, 2-4 Aug., 1994. NHP Report No. 34, 425-434.

Ljungemyr, P. (1994)
Parameterization of lakes in the weather forecasting system HIRLAM.
Final Project - examensarbete vid LiTH, IFM (Linköpings tekniska högskola, Instutitionen för fysik och mätteknik.

Marmefelt, E. (1994)
Currents in the Gulf of Bothnia During the Field Year of 1991.
SMHI RO No. 19.

Mielby, S., Andersson, L., Faanes, T., Johansson, B., Lohvansuu, J., & Nyegard, P. (1994)
Use of digital geographic databases for hydrological modelling.
Nordic Hydrological Conference, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, 2-4 August, 1994. NHP Report No. 34, 501-508.

Moberg, M., & Håkansson, B. (1994)
Effects of Temperature and Precipitation During Cold Conditions on ERS-1 SAR Sea Ice Imagery.
In Baltic Experiments For ERS-1 (BEERS) Ed. Lars M.H. Ulander, Research Report No. 51, 99-112 Winter Navigation Research Board 1994.

Omstedt, A. (1994)
Numerical simulation of frazil ice.
In: Report on Frazil Ice. Ed. S.F. Daly. CRREL Special Report 94-23.

Omstedt, A., Carmack, E.C., & Macdonald, R.W. (1994)
Modelling the seasonal cycle of salinity in the Mackenzie shelf/estuary.
J. of Geophysical Research, 99, C 5, 10011–10021.

Omstedt, A., & Murthy, C.R. (1994)
On currents and vertical mixing in Lake Ontario during summer stratification.
Nordic Hydrology, 25, No. 3, 213-232.

Omstedt, A., Nyberg, L., & Leppäranta, M. (1994b)
A coupled ice-ocean model supporting winter navigation in the Baltic Sea. Part 1. Ice dynamics and water levels.
SMHI Reports, RO 17, 17 pp.

Persson, C., Johansson, M., Lövblad, G., Skärby, L., Pihl, G., & Pleijel, K. (1994)
Miljökonsekvensbeskrivning för Skåne år 2000. (In Swedish)
Skånes Luftvårdsförbund, Rapport L 93-126, 117 sid.

Persson, C., Langner, J., & Robertson, L. (1994)
Comparison of Dispersion Model Results from the BER-1 Emergency Exercise, 21 June 1993.

Persson, C., Langner, J., & Robertson, L. (1994)
MATCH: A mesoscale atmospheric dispersion model and its application to air pollution assessments in Sweden.
In: Air Pollution and its Application, Vol. X. (Ed. E. Gryning.)
Plenum Press, New York.

Persson, C., Langner, J., & Robertsson, L. (1994)
Regional spridningsmodell för Göteborgs och Bohus, Hallands och Älvsborgs län. (A mesoscale air pollution dispersion model for the Swedish west-coast region - Air pollution assessments for the year 1991.)
SMHI Rapporter, RMK 65, 76 sid.

Saelthun, N.R., Bergström, S., Einarsson, K., Thomsen, T., & Vehviläinen, B. (1994)
Simulation of climate change impact on runoff in the Nordic countries. Part A: Model and catchments.
Contribution to the XVIII Nordic Hydrological Conference,
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands 2-4 Aug., 1994. NHP Report No. 34, 3-12.

Skålin, R., Bjorge, D., Gustafsson, N., Lie, I., & Salmond, D. (1994)
Parallelization of HIRLAM on MIMD platforms,
in proceedings from PARA '94, Lyngby, Denmark, 21–23 June, 1994. Springer-Verlag.

Svensson, U., & Omstedt, A. (1994)
Simulation of supercooling and size distribution in frazil ice dynamics.
Cold Regions Science and Tech., Vol. 22, 3, 221-233.

Wittgren, H.B. (1994)
Våtmarker som behandlingsmetod för avloppsvatten och dagvatten. Kunskapssyntes och utredning om forskningsbehov.
(Wetlands as treatment method for wastewater and stormwater. Synthesis of knowledge and elucidation of research needs)
Naturvårdsverket Rapport 4365.
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Solna, 59 pp. (In Swedish)

Wittgren, H.B., Wallin, H., Ridderstolpe, P., & Gunsell, C. (1994)
Våtmark Oxelösund – fullskaleförsök med kväverening i anlagda våtmarker.
Vatten, 50, 145-153.

Wolters L., Cats, G., & Gustafsson, N. (1994)
Limited Area Numerical Weather Forecasting on a Massively Parallel Computer.
In the proceedings of the 8th ACM International Conference on Supercomputing, July 11–15, 1994, Manchester, England. ACM Press, 289-296.