New research funds for SMHI

SMHI has recently been granted new research funds from the Swedish research council FORMAS. Within the framework of strategic research areas SMHI will lead two large projects; advanced simulation of Arctic climate change and impact on the Northern regions, and hydrological climate change impact scenarios. SMHI will also take part in a project about clouds and aerosols.

Advanced Simulation of Arctic climate change and impact on Northern regions

This project aims at understanding and advanced simulation of climate change in the Arctic including its impact on land areas, and incorporating interaction between simulation results and a wide stakeholder community. The goal is to establish a chain of knowledge starting from the global climate change signal and its Arctic amplification, via Arctic processes in ocean, atmosphere, cryosphere and hydrosphere to consequences on the land surface in northern latitudes with a special emphasis on local impact in the Abisko area.

Hydrological climate change impact scenarios: developing the tools for a new generation

This project will result in a new generation of tools for hydrological climate change impact studies. It will be made possible by developing methodology for improving the link between Regional Climate Models and hydrological assessments in effect studies.

Modeling Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interactions and Impacts

This project aims to directly address the problem of aerosols and clouds being a large uncertainty in our understanding of the Earth's energy balance. The project focuses on combining observational data and model development to better quantify the indirect effect of aerosols on climate.