User guide to Balt-Hype Web


BALT-HYPE is an application of the HYPE model (Hydrological Predictions for the Environment) for the Baltic Sea catchment. It consists of relatively high resolution (median subbasin size 350 km2) simulations of hydrological and nutrient transport variables for all the land areas that run off to the Baltic Sea.

Balt-HYPE-web is a system where you can easily:
- Download daily simulations of discharge (m3/s), Total Nitrogen load and Total Phosphorous load from the BALT-HYPE model for all major river basins and aggregations of the small coastal basins around the Baltic Sea
(- Future versions of BALT-HYPE web will allow download of simulation data from all modelled subbasins.)
- Data for download can be chosen by either specifying a river basin ID or selecting areas from a map. This document summarises instructions for downloading data from the BALT-HYPE web tool.

The Map

The mapping tool can be used to pan, centre, zoom-in and zoom-out of the current map. It is also possible to choose a river basin(s) for download of model data.


You can pan through the map by:
- Holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse
- Using the buttons with arrows on the top left of the map screen
- Using the “Page Up”, “Page Down”, “Home” and “End” keys (pans large distances at a time)
- Using the arrow keys on the keyboard to pan (pans small distances at a time)


You can zoom into and out of the map by:
- Using the + and – buttons in the upper left corner of the map screen
- Clicking on the sliding bar of zoom levels in the upper left corner of the map screen.
- Dragging the sliding bar of zoom levels in the upper left corner of the map screen.
- Holding down the shift key while clicking with the left mouse button and dragging the mouse to the side
- Using the + and – keys on the keyboard
- Using the roller on the mouse
- Right-clicking and choosing either “zoom in” or “zoom out” from the drop down menu

Centre Map

You can centre the map by clicking with the right mouse button and choosing the function centre map here.

Choose river basin(s)

You can choose river basin(s) in the map by clicking with the left mouse button on a subbasin. Subsequently clicking on more than one subbasin adds more subbasins to the list of selected subbasin.

Download BALT-HYPE Data

In order to download simulation data from BALT-HYPE you need to choose the BALT-HYPE tab.

Information about BALT-HYPE

For information about the BALT-HYPE model, click on the link Info

Download Data

Before you can download data you need to have:
- Chosen a river basin(s)
- Accepted the “Read this first” agreement

When you have made the above choices, click on the button Download File and the downloaded data will be shown in Excel which will open automatically within a few seconds.
The file will contain daily values of Q (m3/s), TN load (kg/day) and TP load (kg/day) for the period 1971 to 2008.
How to make the above choices is explained below:

Choose river basin(s)

Instead of choosing the river basin(s) via the map, which is explained in the section above, you can also type in a subbasin identity number (SUBID) directly into the box Subbasin and then press on the button Add.

After a subbasin has been chosen, either via the map or by typing in a SUBID, it is added to the list of Selected Subbasins. To remove a river basin(s) from the group of selected subbasins, either press the button x or click directly on the link Erase All. You can also click on an already selected subbasin in the map to unselect it. Note also that when you remove subbasins from the list, they are no longer selected in the map.

“Read this First” Agreement

In order to download our data, we ask that you first read a short paragraph describing the limitations of the data.
- Click on Read this First.
- Click on the square I certify that I have read the Read this First agreement.