Rossby Centre Day 2009

Several prominent international climate researchers contributed during the Rossby Centre Day which was arranged at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute on October 21. The theme was "Using regional climate scenarios in impact and adaptation studies".

Many societal functions are affected by climate. With a changing climate vulnerability in many sectors will increase. In order to develop a robust society which better can adapt to changing climate conditions, there is a need for accurate climate information to support informed decision making.

Using climate scenarios was the theme for the Rossby Centre Day that was arranged on SMHI in Norrköping. The seminar was directed at users of climate scenario data, scientists engaged in climate impact, adaptation and mitigation work, decision makers and various stakeholders who require up-to-date information on projected climate change.

Martin Parry
Martin Parry opened the seminar at the Rossby Centre Day.

The seminar was opened by Martin Parry, chairman of IPCC AR4 Working Group II. He gave an overview of international efforts on adaptation to climate change. Martin Parry is one of the leading scientists within the area of climate adaptation and works with related questions in several developing countries.

Other guest lecturers were Irene Fisher-Bruns, German Climate Service Centre, who spoke about Climate Services and delivering climate information. Terry Callaghan from Abisko Scientific Research Station illustrated adaptation work in northern Scandinavia and the Arctic. One of Callaghan’s expert areas is how the climate influences vegetation in the Arctic.
Insa Meinke, North German Climate Office, held a lecture on their work of building up Climate Services for the region.

A wide range of climate scenarios

Presented during the seminar was the wide range of climate scenarios available from the Rossby Centre, both for Scandinavia but also for the whole Europe. Different users elucidated how they have employed the scenarios from the Rossby Centre, for example for adaptation measures in their activities or for impact studies.

The Rossby Centre Day is an annual outreach event where the Rossby Centre scientists present and discuss their research activities with research partners, authorities and other stakeholders in the climate issue.