Dokumentation Rossby Centre Day 2008

Måndag 13 oktober

* G. Asrar, The WCRP and its role in Climate Change Research and Prediction * J.Jungclaus, Global Earth System Modeling * H. Drange, Ocean and Sea-Ice processes in ESMs * P. Cox, Terrestrial and vegetation processes in ESMs * G. Tselioudis, Cloud Feedbacks in ESMs * V. Kattsov, Arctic Climate Change: Observations and Model simulations * A.Roberts, Towards a community Arctic System Model * J.H. Christensen, High Resolution Earth System Modeling: A Nordic Perspective * G. Destouni, Biogeochemical cycles in the Nordic-Arctic region: Observations and Modeling

Tisdag 14 oktober

* P. Kabat, Earth System Models in support of climate impacts and adaptation * M. Rummukainen, SWECIA : A Swedish Research Program on Climate, Impacts and Adaptation * E. Kjellström, An ensemble of Rossby Centre Regional Climate Scenarios for the Nordic Region * M. Meier, Coupled Climate and Environmental Modeling for the Baltic Sea Region * P. Samuelsson, Climate-Vegetation coupling in the Rossby Centre Regional Climate Model * J. Strömberg, J. Rosberg, Climate Change, Hydrology over the Nordic-Arctic Region * R. Doescher, The Rossby Centre Arctic Climate Model: Coupled simulations for the Arctic * L. Bärring, Linking Regional System Models and users in the Nordic-Arctic region * C. Jones, Future directions in Earth System Modeling at SMHI and in the Nordic Region