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New publication shows latest scientific knowledge on climate change in the Baltic Sea


To provide a better understanding of the effects of climate change in the Baltic Sea, Baltic Earth and HELCOM have recently published the first Baltic Sea Climate Change Fact Sheet. The publication compiles the latest available science in the region on climate change and its impact. 

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Montel & SMHI: 20 years of cooperation

Since 2001, SMHI and ​​​​​​​ have worked in partnership to provide tailored weather forecasting services for interested parties within the European power industry.

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Researchers show a faster decline of Arctic sea ice in the future with a new methodology


The Arctic's declining sea ice may melt away earlier than research to date has shown. As early as around 2035, the Arctic could be ice-free in summer at a high greenhouse gas emission scenario, and before 2050 at a low emission scenario. Two of SMHI's researchers have analysed the future Arctic sea …

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SMHI contributes to Irish capacity building in a training course about hydrological modelling

Two years after the training course in Meteorology, Met Éireann – The Irish Meteorological Service – has hired SMHI again to hold a course on the use of HYPE hydrological model for flood forecasting, which makes SMHIs expertise knowledgeable.

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Final fanfare for the project that developed a flood warning system for West Africa


In the joint research and development project FANFAR, SMHI and partners in 17 West African and three European countries have created an Early Warning System that provides a better opportunity for West African societies to act and minimize flood impacts. The system is now in use and the Nigerian …

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More algal blooms and new species of phytoplankton in Swedish seas


The ongoing phenomenon of climate change is having an impact on marine ecosystems. Researchers from SMHI can show that there is now a greater occurrence of certain types of algal blooms than 40 years ago, and that new species of phytoplankton have become established. This has consequences not only …

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Welcome to a new version of the Swedish Portal for Climate Change Adaptation


Extensive work is being performed on a global scale – not least in Sweden – to meet the challenges presented by a changing climate. A new version of the Swedish Portal for Climate Change Adaptation has now been launched, featuring a new design and more content. The portal presents how Swedish …

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The new co-developed hydrological service SMHI Aqua is now available online for support on decision-making for water supply

SMHI Aqua is a new user-friendly web-based service for drinking water producers and water resource managers, which enables decision support for a sustainable water supply.

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Research places the unusual Swedish summer of 2018 in a climate perspective


Climate researchers from SMHI’s Rossby Centre, Stockholm University and Max Planck Institute for Meteorology have studied the probability of another summer resembling the extremely warm Swedish summer of 2018. They confirm, from a historical perspective, this was a very unusual summer. Ongoing …

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Research into how the climate is being affected by the pandemic

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The locking down of societies as a result of the ongoing corona pandemic has led to a reduction in global emissions of carbon dioxide during 2020. Governments are using both short-term emergency packages and more long-term restart packages in order to stimulate socio-economic development. …

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