Per Holmberg, lecturer

Per Holmberg works with aviation forecasts at SMHI Arlanda and started lecturing about climate change in 2007.

Why is it so important to spread knowledge about the climate issue?

Per Holmberg SMHI Ma
Foto Patrik Öhman

"Climate change is a very interesting issue because it affects all parts of society.

It's not just getting warmer; climate change produces lots of follow-on effects which are more or less interrelated."

What are your greatest interests?

"As a meteorologist, it is probably what sort of weather can be expected in the future in different parts of the world. Then it is always interesting and instructive to take a look at how it affects different industries."

How did you become interested in weather and climate?

"I started becoming interested in the climate following a few trips into the mountains when I was younger. I wanted to understand how there could be so much snow in one place and then, only a few kilometres away, almost no snow at all."