Education about climate change

What measures and adaptations are required in your organisation? SMHI offers lectures and customised training courses on climate change for companies, municipalities and government authorities. Our courses explain the science behind climate change, its causes and effects with a focus on your operations.

Global warming is stiring questions in all sectors of society. There are still considerable uncertainties regarding what is happening with the climate and how climate change will affect conditions in Sweden and elsewhere.

Despite this, we now need to take the climate issue into consideration when making decisions which have consequences for the future. This applies, for example, to investments in infrastructure and the dimensioning of large facilities.

A talk with our experts can help to improve your understanding of the causes of climate change and its effects and help you to adapt and change your operations to future changes in the climate.

Focus on your operations

We offer climate training courses which are based on your needs and interests. We can offer you everything from a one-hour course to a one-day course with a focus on the scientific background to climate change, tailored to your region or industry.

We also work closely with experts in related areas, such as physical planning or geology, who, if necessary, can also participate and contribute to provide you with an overall picture.

The training courses can be arranged at your place of work or on our premises, and they can also be combined with a study visit to SMHI.

Our lecturers have an excellent professional background

SMHI's lecturers have all undertaken special training in the field of climatology and keep themselves up to date on the climate debate and new developments.

Each lecturer puts their own personal stamp on their courses, but commitment to the climate issue and our joint future is something everybody shares.