Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation for eastern Africa

30 participants from Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda has been accepted for the Advanced International Training Program: Climate change - Mitigation and Adaptation, with special focus on Water resources, planning and communication of climate information.

The overall objective of this training program is to combat the negative impacts of climate change on vulnerable people living in poverty by increasing knowledge, strengthening institutions, and developing capacity related to climate change in the co-operating countries.

The Participants will access the latest research and development in their areas of work, be supported by skilled Swedish colleagues and experts, develop a network of colleagues from other countries and enhance knowledge in new working methods. The methodology used is based on the assumption that your organization wishes to carry out changes and is willing to invest their own resources to achieve these changes.


Start-up seminar in  Kigali, October 17-21, 2016.

Training in Sweden, November 21 – December 9 2016.

Follow-up seminar in Africa in May 2017.

Closing date for applications: August 12, 2016.