Events weather

Sporting events, festivals, carnivals, outdoor concerts or theatre performances. What will the weather be like? The answers are available in real time from SMHI's web service.

The more you know about the weather, the better you can prepare for it, which will make a big difference to how the visitors to an event experience the event.

Do you need to make preparations in advance and arrange protection from the weather or will you have to postpone certain aspects of the programme until the rain stops? SMHI has the answers.

Neither you nor I can do anything about the weather, but if you know what's going to happen and how the weather will change during an event, you can turn a disadvantage, from a weather point of view, into an advantage, from an information point of view.

Knowledge about the weather can be obtained from SMHI's Events weather.

SMHI Events weather includes

  • Short-term forecasts and detailed 30-hour forecasts for your region/locality
  • 10-day forecasts
  • Satellite images

Optional services

  • Radar images
  • Lightning information