Sten Bergström, climate expert

Professor Sten Bergström previously held the position of research manager at SMHI. Today he works at the Environment and Safety Services Department in Norrköping, where he as an expert often is involved in climate related missions. During the last years Sten has had much contact with government agencies, corporations and the public about the climate change issue, both in Sweden and abroad.

Why is it so important to spread knowledge about the climate issue?

Sten Bergström sept 2009
Foto Sverker Magnusson

- It is a question that affects everybody and where there is a large demand of knowledge. At the same time the amount of information in media is enormous and difficult to get an overview of, and the debate is probably confusing to many.

There are those who deny that this is at all a problem and those who blame the climate for everything that happens. So it’s important to convey objective information about the climate issue based on sound knowledge.

At SMHI there is both data and knowledge that can help explain what is really going on with the climate and what this means for the future.

What are your greatest interests?

I have always been interested in social development, politics and the question of how we use the Earth’s resources. Right now I am much interested in the latest scientific finds about the development of the climate, the polar ices and the future levels of the sea.

I also find it interesting and important to discuss this with the sectors of society that are mostly affected. Privately I am also interested in outdoor life, especially in the archipelago.

How did you become interested in weather and climate?

- The question is intimately related with the environmental issues that have interested me since my time as a student at Lund University during the politically interesting years 1967-71. Climate change was already on the agenda, although other environmental issues gained more attention.

My interest in the climate issue has grown during my long period of working with research at SMHI. Especially during the years as research manager I had many international and national contacts that helped me to understand the scientific background and realise just how important this question is.