SMHI hydrologist appointed to the committee for Stockholm World Water Week

In September each year, over 200 organisations from all over the world gather in Stockholm to discuss water-related issues from a scientific, economic and political point of view. SMHI will be involved in determining the agenda for next year’s scientific workshops in Stockholm World Water Week.

With its combination of science, economics and politics, Stockholm World Water Week is an important gathering point for global water issues. One of the basic cornerstones is the scientific workshops that are conducted on a given theme and are intended to promote questions of current interest, and to link research to policy and practical application.

Phil Graham, an assistant professor and project manager in Hydrology at SMHI Affärsverksamhet, was enrolled this year as a member of the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC), which is responsible for the scientific workshops.

“Water and Energy” theme in 2014

For Phil Graham and the other SPC members, work has already started on setting the agenda for the workshops to be held in 2014 on the theme of “Water and Energy”.

The Committee has some 15 members who encompass a wide range of competences, with the aim of placing global water issues in a much broader context. The core competence hydrology could, for example, be supplemented by economics and political science.

Over the period 2009-2011, Professor Lotta Andersson from SMHI was a member of the SPC.

Phil Graham föreläser på SWWW 2013
Phil Graham presents the results of SMHI’s participation in climate impact studies for water resources in the Middle East /North Africa. Foto Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)

Global cooperation for the world’s water resources

In 2013, the theme focused on how the global structure of partnership and cooperation within the area of water can contribute to a more sustainable development of the world’s water resources, including management of the increasing demand for clean water.

Phil Graham gave an account of SMHI’s participation and presented the results of the climate impact studies on water resources in the Middle East and North Africa, which were conducted together with partners from within the regions.

Stockholm World Water Week is arranged by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and attracts over 200 organisations with a total of about 2 500 participants from some 130 countries.