SMHI Weather Insight - do better business with insight about the weather

Insights on how weather affects business have become an increasingly important factor in companies' business strategies. Do you know how the weather will affect your sales? The influence of weather is often larger than expected.

The weather is often seen as an unpredictable factor, impossible to take into account. It is precisely for this reason that companies do not calculate the effects of the weather. You have probably heard companies blame the weather in sales reports, press releases and so on.

Weather – not an impossible factor

We have good news: the weather need not be an unpleasant, capricious factor, impossible to include in calculations. At SMHI we know about the impact of weather and we can help you to analyse how the weather affects your particular business. You can turn this knowledge into a lever to enhance your business and gain an edge over your competitors.

Weather Insight gives you answers

SMHI produces and processes a huge amount of weather data every day, and we are often contacted by consumer companies looking for specific weather information. It is often not so much the data, but rather the expertise which is needed to get the real answers to how the weather affects consumer behaviour.

Together with your data, we can find the correlations that apply to your particular case. With the help of statistical processing and unique, unbiased expertise from our weather forecasters, we can go into real detail for your business. By forecasting and understanding the weather's impact on sales, it is possible to pick out the right information to give you valuable insights into the flows of goods, stock levels, ordering processes and volumes.

Basic or detailed analyses

SMHI Business Services can offer expertise at different levels; everything from straightforward feasibility studies to detailed analyses with integration of tailor-made data in the company's business system.

We can provide answers to:

  • whether your business is affected by the weather
  • what the correlations are like

Together, we can create solutions in which you can use the influence of weather to your advantage.

Why choose SMHI?

SMHI has over 100 years of experience in forecasting and over the years we have helped both large and small companies with facts for decisions. We have unique, independent expertise in our meteorologists, who are experts in different areas and business sectors. SMHI has helped a number of well-known companies to successfully analyse their activities. We can help you too!