Networking and new knowledge for air quality management in Jordan

Nedal Mohammad from Jordan works for the Air Quality Project managed by Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, and was one of the participants at the APM training programme of 2010. He applied to the program to learn about the Swedish model of dealing with air pollution, and not least to get the chance to do some networking and meet people from other countries, working with the same problems.

Nedal Mohammad

- It was a great opportunity for me, as well as for all participants, to get an update on environmentally friendly technologies used in other countries world wide, says Nedal Mohammad.

- I appreciated the training programme and was amazed how it was managed. I liked the way that SMHI tied expertise together, and the use of models in air pollution management.

- The study visits were amazing, he says and refers to the combination of theoretic lectures and visits at enterprises and institutions that work within the field of air pollution management.

Global and regional challenges

- I believe that the major global air pollution challenge is that of transportation and industry, but for my country – Jordan, there is also the problem with natural dust storms. Fortunately we have the tools to predict these storms and are able to warn people in time.