Weather for your website or mobile phone

Most people look for weather information on the internet. SMHI has the weather for your website - whether you want a ready-made solution, custom weather services, do it yourself or weather information that is free for publishing.

Weather affects everyone, professionals or private individuals, and is an excellent ingredient for your website. SMHI offers everything from simple solutions that you can use within a few minutes to more advanced, customised weather services.

Your needs control the choice of service

We offer weather services for all your needs, whether you want a standard service or one that is tailored to your needs. 

Regardless of the solution you choose, you'll receive weather information that is updated at least 6 times/day. This means that you will always have the latest weather developments for the next 10 days, both in Sweden and globally. SMHI has weather forecasts for 2.8 million places around the world!

The forecasts come from SMHI's forecast database, created from high-resolution forecast models to guarantee the best quality. When computers are not enough, weather forecasts are adjusted by our experienced weather forecasters.

I want responsive weather information on my website to keep visitors there

We recommend the responsive iframe weather service with modules for easy publishing on your website. 

• Local 10-day forecasts
• 2.8 million places in the entire world
• Responsive design - works equally well on computers, tablets or mobile phones

Select our standard layout or tailor design for your needs.

Weather module to keep visitors on your website.
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I am building my own weather service

Make your own weather service for websites or mobile phones, and call our API for data. Our web service contains everything that we offer on the web.

• Local 10-day forecasts around the globe
• Place database with 2.8 million locations in 21 languages!
• Coastal weather
• Pollen forecasts
• Observations (weather right now) for Sweden

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