Weather films for internet and TV

Whether you are a local, regional or national player, SMHI can arrange a high-quality weather presentation for your needs. We work with large, small, long and short projects. We offer off-the-shelf deals and tailor-made solutions.

Among other things, we can offer daily weather forecasts on your website or the week's weather presented by our talented weather forecasters. We can also tailor products based on your needs. For NTMedia, for example, we have created the weather films that Östgötatrafiken shows in its trains.

SMHI's best meteorological forecasts ensure a weather service way beyond the ordinary, using the highest graphical standards. The TriVis system used to illustrate forecasts enables a presentation of the weather which is easy to understand and remember. The presentations are automated and easy to use.

SMHI's weather films are based on the SMHI forecast database (PMP) which is updated at least 5 times every day. PMP is created from high-resolution forecast models, which provide the best possible quality. This quality is further enhanced by the experienced weather forecasters' ability to adjust the forecast if necessary.

SMHI's weather presentation in TV3, Lithuania
SMHI's weather presentation in TV3, Lithuania Foto TV3 Litauen
Weather film showed on commuter trains
Weather film with sponsor