The Weather Editorial Office gives you forecasts, weather expertise and editorial content around the clock

The SMHI Weather Editorial Office is available 24 hours a day all year round, ready to help you create good contents for your weather coverage. Improve the content value of your channels with forecasts, animations and weather chronicles, or spice up your coverage with a meteorologist in a chat show or radio programme. You can also consult us to get the best possible information during specific weather events.

SMHI Väderredaktion

Our meteorologists make a difference

Weather information becomes attractive when it comes from an expert who can fill it with value for the end consumer. It requires an expert, a meteorologist, to explain and describe the complex phenomena that make up the weather.

At the SMHI Weather Editorial Office, we know how to communicate a forecast in a way that makes it useful. We are used to doing it in many channels.

You will certainly recognise our meteorologists from Sveriges Radio. On any ordinary Monday, you hear them around 70 times on the radio channels P1 and P4.

Weather services for internet, radio, TV and printed media

We can offer a variety of services to enhance your content, such as:

  • Editorial articles, e.g. weather columns  and weather for events.
  • Moving images - animations of weather phenomena, changes in weather during events, etc.
  • Meteorologist taking part - have a meteorologist interviewed on the radio or taking part in a chat show
  • Consultation - obtain the weather information you need from an experienced meteorologist
  • Ready-to-publish forecasts, for everyday as well as special occasions

Our area of expertise is meteorology, in which the focus is on current weather and weather conditions in Sweden, but we have access to experts in all SMHI areas: hydrology, oceanography and climate.