Strengthened technical skills at the Colombian Ministry of Environment

“I got more than I expected” says Isabel Alvarez from Colombia. She works for the Colombian Ministry of Environment and was one of the participants at the APM training programme of 2010. At the ministry back home she works in an economical analysis group to strengthen the technical skills on air pollution management.

Isabel Alvarez

- I chose to participate in the training programme because I believed it could help me find the economic instruments necessary to change behaviours harmful to air quality, says Isabel Alvarez.

- I appreciate the way the theoretical knowledge from the lectures at SMHI became comprehensive when we visited institutions in other Swedish cities. I think it was a good combination of theoretical and practical orientation within the field of air pollution management.

- I especially enjoyed the visit at E.ON – a company that turns garbage into energy.

Will bring home new tools

During the five weeks in Sweden Isabel Alvarez and the other participants had several thematic exercises that include the whole chain from the design of a study, analysis of measurements, modelling and cost-benefit analysis. 

- I think the exercises using the software Airviro was especially interesting. My ministry will be using the GAINS-model to assess air pollution policies.

Soon Isabel will be back in Colombia to work on her individual project. the database for an emission inventory is just an idea so far.

- I see a need to obtain good quality data, not only quantity, says Isabel Alvarez.