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Hydrological Services and Consultancy

Visualization Tools and Support for Decision Making in Water Management

SMHI develops customized visualization and information systems with real-time observations, model simulations and forecasts that provide a good basis for decision making in different water-related sectors.

We offer modern and intuitive web-based hydrological tools for presentation of hydro-meteorological data and forecasts for different time ranges. Our information systems are developed in consultation with our customers and can be tailored according to your needs and preferences.

More effective water management

The visualization systems provide refined hydrological and meteorological information with the aim to:

  • Increase awareness of the current situation
  • Provide comprehensive hydrological information for optimal freshwater management
  • Provide a thorough basis for the production of hydroelectric power and dam regulation ensuring compliance with the applicable water legislation.
  • Reduce the risk of infrastructure failure.
  • Support decision-making process in the short and long term.

User-friendly web tools

SMHI develops user-friendly web-interfaces where observed and modelled data together with forecasts are presented in a useful and intuitive way. Meteorological and hydrological parameters can be set up with SMHI’s hydrological models HBV and HYPE. All the presented data, simulations and forecasts are available in form of maps, diagrams and tables.

Our products

SMHI has developed two web-based visualization systems to private companies and public authorities working in different sectors (drinking water, hydropower, mining and more):

  • AQUA – Water supply assessment tool: for you who need  to visualize your own rea-time observations to monitor current conditions in your freshwater reservoir. We can also provide seasonal forecasts of surface and groundwater levels as well as inflow/discharge at the local scale. Data is visualized in graphs and exportable tables. 
  • HYFO (Hydrological Forecasting Online) – It allows you to visualize your and SMHI’s hydro-meteorological real- time observations. We provide regional model simulations as well as locally modelled basins with information of precipitation, temperature, runoff and snow  visualized in maps, graphs and exportable tables. Short- and long-range forecasts driven from different weather systems can also be included.

Your customized system

Our services comprise some default features but we work actively with our customers to co-develop and co-design the tool that can meet their needs in the best way. We tailor your solution by promoting:

  • Automatic local data collection.
  • Inclusion of critical levels and water extraction strategies throughout the year provided by the users.
  • Different solutions for data and forecasts visualization.
  • Tools for comparing current conditions against historical data.