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Hydrological Services and Consultancy

Hydrological Modelling and forecasting

All our hydrological products and simulations are based on the two SMHI’s hydrological models: HBV and HYPE.

HBV is a world-wide known hydrological model used for several applications (hydropower, dam safety, climate change, flood warnings, etc.) which gives a good description of the physical hydrological processes at the small scale. SMHI provides licenses for commercial and non-commectial users as well as training courses and support.

HYPE (HYdrological Prediction of the Environment) is an hydrological model that simulates both water quantity and quality (concentration of P and N). The model is set up to simulate the water balance over vaste regions and also for ungauged catchments. SMHI provides historical and forecast data of several modelled variables worl-wide.