Airviro - Air Quality Management system

Airviro is a web based system for Air Quality Management developed by SMHI and Apertum IT AB. Airviro is an integrated system for time series data handling, emission inventories and dispersion modelling. Airviro has been continuously developed since 1990 and has many users all over the world.

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Airviro is a client / server web integrated system for Air Quality Management, including time series data handling, emission inventories and dispersion modelling. It is utilised by advanced users, such as decision makers on local to national level, industries and private companies in countries all over the world.

Airviro has a user friendly interface and a modular design which allows you to adapt the system to your needs. You can start out small and expand the system at your own pace. Customized applications can be developed on request.

Access on-line with PC

The clients normally run on PC's using Javascript compatible web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. The server side uses Linux as the operating system. The main web server used is Apache.

In Airviro several domains can exist. Each domain normally contains information regarding a city or province. For each domain, privileges to control access and write privileges to the different modules can be set up on a per user basis.

Find out more

Full documentation, help-line and international and customized training courses are available. Go to the official Airviro website for more information.