Air quality at junctions

SIMAIR-crossing presents municipalities with new opportunities to evaluate air quality at traffic junctions and other complicated parts of the road network. The Internet based system becomes an efficient tool in physical planning.

SIMAIR-crossing helps municipalities and air control associations to calculate the concentration of air pollutants at traffic interchanges, junctions and the area surrounding the road. It can be used in areas where contributions from several roads are of importance.

For evaluation of air quality at and near roads we recommend SIMAIR-road.

Graphic interface

SIMAIR korsning
Map from SIMAIR-crossing showing calculated concentrations of air pollutants around a large junction. Enlarge Image

SIMAIR-crossing shows a map of your municipality or city. All necessary information about meteorology, dispersion, concentrations from long range transport of air pollutants and urban background are already stored in the system. You can easily add data, if you have own measurements from the city.

For each road link, information is stored regarding the amount of traffic, type of vehicles, width of the road, speed limit etc. from the Swedish Transport Administration’s national road database. You can modify the information for more precise model results.

The databases in SIMAIR-crossing are updated with data one year at a time. Scenarios for the year 2020 are available in the system.

User friendly and exact

By clicking on a road link, an advanced dispersion calculation is initiated, showing the environmental quality norms for a substance and the risks of it being exceeded. The total levels can also be divided up into pollutant contributions from abroad, from other areas in Sweden, from the municipality as a whole and from the traffic on the road link in question.

You can compare SIMAIR-road results with your own measurements and then receive an overall view of the air quality.

Get started quickly

SIMAIR-crossing does not require an installation, you simply log in with your regular Internet browser. The results can be exported as images, shape, pdf and Excel files. We offer trainings on demand and can help you to get started with SIMAIR-crossing.

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