Air quality and small-scale heating

In many communities there are problems with smoke from chimney stacks during winter periods.The web service SIMAIR-rwc is used by municipalities, and other operators that need to plan air quality associated with energy issues in areas with small-scale heating installations.

SIMAIR-rwc provides you with information, training and a basis for communication with the households, and can be used used to study different scenarios, for example, when a furnace is changed or in the event of the introduction of local regulations.

Easy to use and detailed results

SIMAIR-rwc shows a map of your municipality or city. By clicking on a point source or road link, an advanced dispersion calculation is initiated, showing the environmental quality norms for a substance and the risks of it being exceeded.

You can compare SIMAIR-rwc results with your own measurements and then receive an overall view of the air quality.

The municipality's chimney sweep data is important

Necessary information on emissions, meteorology and dispersion from all relevant sources are already stored in SIMAIR-rwc. For each road link, traffic information from the Swedish Transport Administration’s national road database is stored.

The databases in SIMAIR-rwc are updated with data one year at a time. Scenarios for the year 2020 are available in the system.

SIMAIR-rwc also contains emission factors for fireplaces, but the so called chimney sweep data, such as type of furnace, whether or not there is an accumulator tank and environmental approval, are missing. These data can be added manually or with support from SMHI.

Get started quickly

SIMAIR-rwc does not require an installation, you simply log in via your regular Internet browser. The results can be exported as images, shape, pdf and Excel files. We offer trainings on demand and can help you to get started with SIMAIR-rwc.

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