Wind power

For establishment of single power plants or entire parks; we offer technical solutions for all types of projects based on our expertise and long experience.

We offer a number of services for you who are planning new wind power plants. Examples of services can be found below. Contact us for an opening discussion and pricing.

Local wind evaluation

The speed and energy content of the wind increase with the height and is strongly dependent on local conditions, such as topography. A detailed study of the actual site will reduce the uncertainty of your investment calculations, compared to general wind maps.

In addition, our local wind evaluation contains a forecast of the energy production during an average year – for the actual site, type of power plant and hub height.

The assessment is based on long series of quality controlled wind observations from meteorological stations, and our long experience of detailed wind calculations in different parts of Sweden.

Wind mapping

With wind mapping we can produce detailed map of the average wind speed over your area of interest. The map makes an excellent basis for planning of potential wind power plants.

Wind calculations can be performed on different hub heights and with different horizontal resolutions.

The calculations are carried out with the modelling tool WAsP (Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Programme). This programme extrapolates wind data on a horizontal and vertical scale, based on quality controlled wind observations and surface physiographic information about topography and land use.

Wind atlas data

Wind atlas data (.lib files) are used in the programmes WinPro and WAsP to make energy calculations. You can either buy a package of data from 60 Swedish stations, or data from your choice of stations. We can also produce files with data where you can set the time period.


We can help you to calculate the energy content of the wind during a certain year as a percentage of the energy content of a normal year. To calculate the normal year we use a longer time period. The information applies to the closest weather station.