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Energy Quantified

Forecasts & fundamentals, data for trading

Energy Quantified: Proving that numbers count

Since early 2000 SMHI has been working with the Montel Group, providing meteorological and hydrological expertise, data and forecasts to enable market analysis and predictions. One such product this applies to is Energy Quantified (EQ).

EQ provides forecasts relevant to power markets across Europe, including spot prices, levels of generation and river temperatures. Naturally, where these predictions are being made on the basis of market fundamentals, high quality weather and hydro data is crucial to ensuring accurate forecasting.

As energy systems across the continent continue to decarbonise, weather conditions have never been more important to power generation. As power markets increasingly rely on power produced from weather-dependent generation such as wind and solar, it’s simply impossible to predict future outturns without accurate load factors, such as wind speed or sunlight hours.

Hydro power also accounts for a significant proportion of renewable electricity generation in the Nordic region and also play an important role in most of the countries in Europe.

With data provided from SMHI, EQ is able to conduct in-depth modelling and analysis to predict future levels of hydro generation, such as Delayed spring thaw inflow for Sweden regions using SMHI’s Hydro GWh model. This comes as part of EQ’s rolling hydrology forecasts, underpinned by seven industry-leading weather models by SMHI.

These models also power EQ’s meteorology section, containing daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal weather and model commentary, supported by temperature and precipitations maps which provide a visual representation of upcoming climate events.

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