HBV – State of the art hydrological modelling

The HBV was originally developed by SMHI in the early 70´s to assist hydropower operations. The aim was to create a conceptual hydrological model with reasonable demands on computer facilities and calibration data. The HBV approach has proved flexible and robust in solving water resource problems and applications now span a broad range.


The model is a standard forecasting tool in Sweden and other Nordic countries, and also used for simulations in ungaugedcatchments, mainly in small and unregulated rivers. Forecasting for the Swedish hydropower companies are made in approximately 100 catchments. In addition operational or scientific applications of the HBV-model are known from more than 50 countries around the world.

The HBV model is today an Integrated Hydrological Modelling system: a modern, well-tested and operational tool. It can be linked with Real Time Weather Information and Forecast Systems. It can be installed either on stand-alone PCs, in a client server concept, or integrated with other systems.


  • Simulation of hydrological time-series
  • Short range forecast
  • Inflow volume forecast
  • Simulations in ungauged catchments
  • Climate change studies

Dependent on type of user and application several different License Conditions exist:
Commercial Licenses for commercial or standard users such as Power companies, Engineering companies and Flood Forecasting Centres.
Non-commercial users Licenses for research application at Universities and similar research Institutions.

Detailed User & license Conditions are available upon request.