Briefings with energy meteorologist

-Get enhanced knowledge about the volatile weather development in depth with an experienced meteorologist

The weather has always been a key driver in power markets. Temperatures affect demand, rainfall impacts hydropower production and freak events can have major impacts on market movements. The weather impact on the market will get bigger and the market price will also get more volatile. As energy production in Europe moves away from fossil fuels and transitions to renewable methods of generating power. 

Take the opportunity to have direct contact with an experienced meteorologist that shows the uncertainty and possible alternative weather development. Stay ahead of weather events such as sudden stratospheric warming and tropical cyclones.


Typical content of the briefing

- Weather development for 1- 15 days ahead. On Tuesdays and Fridays up to 30-days ahead.

- Areas: Different parts of Europe or individual countries.

- Parameters:  Temperature, wind and precipitation and the most probable weather effect on produced energy is described with different index.

- Arrangement of the briefing will be developed together with the customers; the usual briefing follow this concept:

  • Comparison of forecasts, the most probable weather development and alternatives for Europe are described by weather charts and indices for temperature, precipitation and wind.
  • Country by country: Temperature, Wind, Precipitation
  • Part of Europe: Temperature, Wind, Precipitation
  • The latest 45-day forecast from the ECMWF is described with differences from previous forecasts, the main development for each week and the alternatives.
  • Comments on weather phenomena with impact on long range weather such as MJO, Sudden Stratospheric Warming, Greenland Blocking etc.